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So, it’s no secret that I spend hours upon hours of time parked in front of my computer. on the phone. surfing the net. networking. initiating the go-go gadget marketing machine.

As usual, I like to share the more unique fruits of my labors with such fine denizons of the Interweb as yourselves.  That being said, feast your eyes upon this:

The iDea

The iDea is certainly one of the most brilliant pieces of technology to date.  Cutting edge innovation, with the latest in ergonomic design, the iDea caters to your imagination in a way no other piece of hardware on today’s market can.  It is exceptionally user friendly and encourages contemporary information management and dissemination techinques.

Check out the iDea here.

Web Comics?

I know, I know.  You all are thinking, “surely vyzion360 understands that comics are for children.”  Well, you’re wrong.  Comics are not for adults, and vyzion360 does not hold such a standard to be true in the least.

Quite the contrart, actually.  You all should be well aware by now of my “mild”  obsession with Questionable Content.  

Today, however, while surfing the net, I came across a rare cultural gem.  I’d highly encourage each and every last one of you to hop on over to Hypercombofinish and check out what Chris Maguire has to say these days.  If the sheer illustration doesn’t bring a smile to your face, the blatant sarcasm and all out jackassery jam-packed into each comic strip will!  Added bonuses can be found in several other site features :D

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