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21 Dec

roses stemmed too short.

roses stemmed too short.
roses stemmed too short. This is the first video recorded piece I’ve posted in YEARS! I was truly and deeply moved by the recent events in Newtown, CT. I spent the week meditating on this incident and trying to...
17 Dec

spoken word: look it up, kid

This week’s featured spoken word piece is entitled, “Look It Up, Kid.” The video was posted in 2010 by a young poet named Lisa B. Poetry, who now hails from the Windy City! Look her up, kid Lisa B....
10 Dec

spoken word: when i became a man

The week’s spoken word piece is entitled, “When I Became a Man.” It was written by a Phil Allen, a pastor working through an organization called The Vine. About Pastor Phil Pastor Phil was born and raised in Georgetown,...
07 Jul

throwback thursdays: xscape

*singing loudly* What I need from you is understaaaaaaaaaaaaaandiiiiiiiing!
26 May

throwback thursdays: the b boys

Rock the House!
19 May

throwback thursdays: big daddy kane

05 May

throwback thursdays: grandmaster flash

"Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge ... "
29 Apr


I know, I know ... it's been forever since I've updated.
28 Apr

throwback thursdays: ghetto boys

My mind is playing tricks on me ...
21 Apr

throwback thursdays: kool g rap

"Ill Street Blues" (Original)