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21 Dec

roses stemmed too short.

roses stemmed too short.
roses stemmed too short. This is the first video recorded piece I’ve posted in YEARS! I was truly and deeply moved by the recent events in Newtown, CT. I spent the week meditating on this incident and trying to...
14 Nov

attendance is free!

12 Nov

save the date — transgender day of remembrance.

Eight days from now, the world will pause to remember and memorialize the transgender men and women who have suffered, unjustifiably, as targets of hatred and fear.
05 Nov

NaNoWriMo 2012

I disabled the AutoCorrect, the AutoFormat, and everything else "Auto" and just started plugging away.
26 Aug

how do you do that magic that you do?

How do you do that magic that you do ... ?
05 Aug

top ten things i need right now.

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone ...
03 Aug


Let's start with the open admission that the last five years of my life have been a hot mess.
13 Jun

breaking up.

A break up can be a long, lonely road. Especially, if one of the parties involved disagrees with the reasoning for the break-up or wishes to struggle to continue to the relationship.
02 Jun


My life is riddled with problems, unanswered questions, unresolved issues. Why in sam-hell would I shoulder someone else's?
29 Apr

the sun sets on another day …

the sun sets on another day ...