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30 Nov

does it still take two to tango?

If you've got five minutes and you are not currently at work (because this topic is definitely NSFW), please answer a few questions pertaining to your sexual stimulation preferences.
17 Aug

i wanna be a porn star when i grow up!

"What would I do, if my child decided to become a porn star?"
16 Jun


08 May

masturbation: sing the body electric.

When we skip the small talk and get right down to it, human beings were made for sex. We spend a lot of time contemplating our existence, shaping a sense of higher purpose around a duty to a higher...
02 May

may is national masturbation month!

What is your favorite metaphor for masturbation!?
22 Apr

on the magic of turning thirty.

Saying good-bye to my 20s and awaiting the magic spell of wisdom that is supposed to befall me in my 30s ...
08 Jan


i can bear all for you to see, but that does not mean i'm cheap and the sex'll come easy and free
20 Jun

on polyamory.

Check out excerpts from this eight-part series on polyamory! Amazingly informative and downright awesome!
03 Jun

marriage equality: an alternative approach.

If churches don't want to recognize same-sex couples, then so be it. I happen to not recognize their copyright on god.
04 Mar

rock the red pump (or tie)!

"Rock the Red Pump" is one of many campaigns operating in support of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NWGHAAD).