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10 May

a letter from our President.

You are a good man. I appreciate your support. Now, I need you to influence our Congress to initiate legislative action.
04 Oct

hussein hitler.

The sooner we get past the hate rhetoric and the fear-mongering, the sooner we can get down to the knitty-gritty and start solving some mutha-effin' problems.
07 Feb

White House to recognize Southern Sudan, July 2011

Statement by the President on the Intent to Recognize Southern Sudan ...
01 Feb

power to the people.

As we approach seven straight days of rioting initiated by grassroots protesters and activists across Egypt, I had to take a moment to provide a timeline of the last seven days' events.
05 Jan

two weeks: a dadt review.

I still can't believe we finally repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"