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21 Dec

roses stemmed too short.

roses stemmed too short.
roses stemmed too short. This is the first video recorded piece I’ve posted in YEARS! I was truly and deeply moved by the recent events in Newtown, CT. I spent the week meditating on this incident and trying to...
10 Dec

spoken word: when i became a man

The week’s spoken word piece is entitled, “When I Became a Man.” It was written by a Phil Allen, a pastor working through an organization called The Vine. About Pastor Phil Pastor Phil was born and raised in Georgetown,...
07 Dec

midwest spoken word!

With yesterday’s launch of Google+ Communities, The Lions’ Historian took advantage of the opportunity and launched a new online community, Midwest Spoken Word. Midwest Spoken Word will serve as an on-line location that can provide support and networking opportunities...
03 Dec

spoken word: for young women who don’t consider themselves feminists.

FINALLY! A video for women who don't consider themselves feminists.
26 Aug

how do you do that magic that you do?

How do you do that magic that you do ... ?
05 Jun

take it from the top.

My muse has finally caught up with me after all these years, and she's got all those memories I've been leaving scattered in my path.
08 Jan


i can bear all for you to see, but that does not mean i'm cheap and the sex'll come easy and free
01 Jan

red-letter year.

this year is my red-letter year.
30 Jun

throwback thursdays: miri ben-ari

For those who know me personally, it is no secret that my biggest and deepest regret is quitting the violin.
31 May

R.I.P Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron, revolutionary, activist, spoken-word pioneer passed away Friday night following illness ...