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05 Aug

top ten things i need right now.

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone ...
03 Aug


Let's start with the open admission that the last five years of my life have been a hot mess.
16 Jun


26 Apr

an open letter to the body politic (part one).

I believe folks on both sides of the party line are wrong, and neither more wrong than the other.
24 Sep


Love, Love, Love.
01 Aug


It's really happening. No joke. We're moving to Chicago.
08 Jul

redirect the rhetoric.

On the evening of July 7, 2011; an armed man took to the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan; murdered seven individuals (one of them a child), holed himself up in a home, took hostages, and initiated a standoff
28 Jun

until love is equal.

A few weeks ago, West Michigan residents organized a boycott that has now turned into a full-on movement.
06 Jun

welfare & drug addictions …

I am, by no means, to be described as a "bleeding heart liberal," but even I can understand and agree with the concerns raised regarding mandatory drug testing for public aid applicants.
01 Jun

documentary: tapped

A great look at the negative affects the bottled water industry has on our environment, our communities, and even our health!