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10 May

a letter from our President.

You are a good man. I appreciate your support. Now, I need you to influence our Congress to initiate legislative action.
09 May

a ban on breathing, blinking, and thinking.

Today, the government is prohibiting my ability to marry; tomorrow, it may be prohibiting your ability to bear arms.
26 Apr

an open letter to the body politic (part one).

I believe folks on both sides of the party line are wrong, and neither more wrong than the other.
27 Jun

breaking news: celebrity couple announces marriage following NY gay marriage law

Go get 'em Bert 'n Ernie!
03 Jun

marriage equality: an alternative approach.

If churches don't want to recognize same-sex couples, then so be it. I happen to not recognize their copyright on god.
09 Feb

documentary: 8 — the mormon proposition

This documentary is essential. It is essential for all activists of all causes to "look, listen, and learn."