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13 Jun

breaking up.

A break up can be a long, lonely road. Especially, if one of the parties involved disagrees with the reasoning for the break-up or wishes to struggle to continue to the relationship.
07 Jun

POLL: One-on-One or Free Love For All?

My desire to conquer my jealousy, and my belief via very personal experience that love cannot be contracted and contained have led me to an interesting crossroads.
02 Jun


My life is riddled with problems, unanswered questions, unresolved issues. Why in sam-hell would I shoulder someone else's?
30 Jun

throwback thursdays: miri ben-ari

For those who know me personally, it is no secret that my biggest and deepest regret is quitting the violin.
20 Jun

on polyamory.

Check out excerpts from this eight-part series on polyamory! Amazingly informative and downright awesome!
25 May

lgbt love: a letter to “first timers”

This letter was originally published via an advice column featured in "Out In America"
15 Dec

not so black and white.

Typically, when the question of interracial dating arises, our minds immediately snap to images of Black men dating Caucasian women or vice versa.