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28 Nov

as if “gay” were a mental illness

Treating homosexuality as if it is some sort of contagion, epidemic, or plague really does no one any good and only serves to harm rather than heal.
21 Nov


This Thanksgiving, when I sit down and enjoy a nice dinner with my friends and family; it'll be the thousands of medical professionals across the world, as well as the ones that are spending their holiday supporting emergency room...
19 Nov

lambs to the slaughter.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
14 Nov

attendance is free!

12 Nov

save the date — transgender day of remembrance.

Eight days from now, the world will pause to remember and memorialize the transgender men and women who have suffered, unjustifiably, as targets of hatred and fear.
17 Aug

i wanna be a porn star when i grow up!

"What would I do, if my child decided to become a porn star?"
09 May

a ban on breathing, blinking, and thinking.

Today, the government is prohibiting my ability to marry; tomorrow, it may be prohibiting your ability to bear arms.
05 Aug

sexual perverts.

Dive into your perspective to see if it's a personal, religious-based prejudice; a curiosity; or perhaps even a fascination you're embarrassed to admit ...
28 Jun

until love is equal.

A few weeks ago, West Michigan residents organized a boycott that has now turned into a full-on movement.
27 Jun

breaking news: celebrity couple announces marriage following NY gay marriage law

Go get 'em Bert 'n Ernie!