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07 May

to the grand rapidian powers that be.

Us counter-culture rebels are not a trend for your elite social circles to swallow, digest, and shit out six months later.
08 Jul

redirect the rhetoric.

On the evening of July 7, 2011; an armed man took to the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan; murdered seven individuals (one of them a child), holed himself up in a home, took hostages, and initiated a standoff
15 Mar

not forgotten!

I know, I know ... it's been a while since I've written, and some of you are probably thinking I've forgotten you ...
10 Mar

throwback thursdays: tlc

"Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg!"
03 Mar

throwback thursdays: gang starr

It's Gang Starr ... do they really need an intro?
25 Feb

poetry: i missed you/good morning.

It can be a Sunday afternoon ...
24 Feb

poetry: not quite peace.

As a child. My imagination painted itself without shame
24 Feb

throwback thursdays: mary j. blige

You can't talk hip-hop without talking R&B, and you can't talk R&B without talking Mary J. ...
23 Feb

poetry: words that fit.

They are too young, most of them. mere pawns, pieces in someone else’s puzzle innocent and unaware of the truth of war.
22 Feb

poetry: sometimes we find other things.

I have been seduced ...