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05 Aug

sexual perverts.

Dive into your perspective to see if it's a personal, religious-based prejudice; a curiosity; or perhaps even a fascination you're embarrassed to admit ...
28 Jun

until love is equal.

A few weeks ago, West Michigan residents organized a boycott that has now turned into a full-on movement.
27 Jun

breaking news: celebrity couple announces marriage following NY gay marriage law

Go get 'em Bert 'n Ernie!
20 Jun

on polyamory.

Check out excerpts from this eight-part series on polyamory! Amazingly informative and downright awesome!
10 Jun

read: close range

I would be lying to you if I didn't admit up front that my sole purpose for purchasing this book was so that I could read, "Brokeback Mountain."
08 Jun

children aren’t pawns to make a point.

Let's face it, the Catholic Church is like an international Mississippi/Arkansas/Texas demon-child.
03 Jun

marriage equality: an alternative approach.

If churches don't want to recognize same-sex couples, then so be it. I happen to not recognize their copyright on god.
25 May

lgbt love: a letter to “first timers”

This letter was originally published via an advice column featured in "Out In America"
16 May

do these glasses make me look gay?

Did you know that certain pairs of eyeglasses could make you gay?
18 Mar

combating the “corrective rape” ideology

"For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free ..."