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23 Nov

GoldieBlox: A Toy That Could Change Your Little Girl’s Life

Wouldn't it be awesome if your little girl had a toy just for her that taught her problem solving and analytical reasoning skills? A toy that showed her a cool female engineer or construction worker or scientist?
16 Jun


08 May

masturbation: sing the body electric.

When we skip the small talk and get right down to it, human beings were made for sex. We spend a lot of time contemplating our existence, shaping a sense of higher purpose around a duty to a higher...
20 Jun

on polyamory.

Check out excerpts from this eight-part series on polyamory! Amazingly informative and downright awesome!
03 Jun

marriage equality: an alternative approach.

If churches don't want to recognize same-sex couples, then so be it. I happen to not recognize their copyright on god.
07 Jan

is my child’s gender an issue?

It's generally accepted that children aren't born with an innate sense of "right" and "wrong," but rather those value judgments are instilled in them through lessons and experiences as they develop.
24 Oct

silent beats.

An amazing film short that forces us to examine our stereotypes, prejudices, and pre-conceived notions about people. When will the day come when we view on another as human beings, not based upon color scales and binaries, but experiences and character content? Written/Directed by...
24 Oct

not male. not female. not really.

For the last three days, I have been attending an Equal Opportunity Leadership Course at Camp Guernsey, Wyoming for the purpose of being appointed the Equal Opportunity Leader for my unit once I complete the course. It’s a 60-credit hour course designed to make...