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10 May

a letter from our President.

You are a good man. I appreciate your support. Now, I need you to influence our Congress to initiate legislative action.
09 May

a ban on breathing, blinking, and thinking.

Today, the government is prohibiting my ability to marry; tomorrow, it may be prohibiting your ability to bear arms.
28 Jun

until love is equal.

A few weeks ago, West Michigan residents organized a boycott that has now turned into a full-on movement.
02 Sep

wait, we celebrate coming out?

If your childhood was at all like mine, you grew up never even knowing that such a thing as National Coming Out Day existed. No seriously, it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I figured out that National Coming Out Day was not only founded...
24 Jul

A Tribute To A Pioneer: E. Lynn Harris

There may be many people wondering just why the death of E. Lynn Harris is such a “big deal.” Several of my readers may never have heard of him, and several more may have heard his name, but were never moved to purchase a...
23 Jul

our elders need us.

Learn More, Get Involved Despite advances in LGBT civil rights, many senior care providers never stop to consider that their older clients may be lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) – and even those who do may not know how to provide services in...
14 Jul

the forgotten demographic.

Now 10 years old, the LGBT senior movement is young and vibrant. With years of grassroots and professional experience within its ranks, and some of the nation’s largest gay rights organizations backing it up, it is about to burst into full bloom. But there...
13 Jul

Video: NAACP — No Gay Rights Policy

08 Jul

the cure for homosexuality lies in yoga?

The television guru whose yoga programmes are watched by an estimated 85 million people throughout the world, made the claim in an appeal to the overturn a ruling last week which legalised homosexuality. He has warned he will launch nationwide protests if the ruling...
07 Jul

equal treatment for couples in colorado.

Reaching both over the rainbow and under the radar, Colorado’s new Designated Beneficiary Agreement Act (HB 1260), granting important new rights to Colorado citizens, quietly became law on July 1. It will be welcomed by hundreds of committed couples, both straight and gay. Introduced...