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03 Dec

spoken word: for young women who don’t consider themselves feminists.

FINALLY! A video for women who don't consider themselves feminists.
23 Nov

GoldieBlox: A Toy That Could Change Your Little Girl’s Life

Wouldn't it be awesome if your little girl had a toy just for her that taught her problem solving and analytical reasoning skills? A toy that showed her a cool female engineer or construction worker or scientist?
16 Jun


22 Apr

on the magic of turning thirty.

Saying good-bye to my 20s and awaiting the magic spell of wisdom that is supposed to befall me in my 30s ...
27 May

100 things “good girls” just don’t do.

What's a girl gotta do to let her hair loose without having her character debased, her self-worth assaulted, and her morality called to question?
24 May


"He was particularly amused Saturday night when he sat on his in-laws' porch and got to "watch all the sluts and skanks walking by in all their slutty skirts."
23 May

if dr. seuss is dangerous, then twain was a kkk grand wizard.

Honestly, this argument is a heaping, hot mess of an example as to why I am so slow to call myself a Feminist ...
02 May

women in combat arms.

Now, I've heard several attempts to explain why women shouldn't be allowed to serve in combat arms units ...
18 Mar

combating the “corrective rape” ideology

"For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free ..."
02 Mar

documentary: america the beautiful

In honor of Women's History Month, this month's documentary focuses on self-image and self-esteem issues amongst U.S. citizens. An interesting look at our self-obsessions ...