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05 Dec

in response to the call for white student unions.

I am not sure how, but young Matthew Heimbach believes that "white culture is dying" and wonders why all other demographics (i.e. Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics) are encouraged to develop student unions, but whites are not afforded that same encouragement.
23 Nov

GoldieBlox: A Toy That Could Change Your Little Girl’s Life

Wouldn't it be awesome if your little girl had a toy just for her that taught her problem solving and analytical reasoning skills? A toy that showed her a cool female engineer or construction worker or scientist?
10 May

a letter from our President.

You are a good man. I appreciate your support. Now, I need you to influence our Congress to initiate legislative action.
28 Jun

until love is equal.

A few weeks ago, West Michigan residents organized a boycott that has now turned into a full-on movement.
27 Jun

breaking news: celebrity couple announces marriage following NY gay marriage law

Go get 'em Bert 'n Ernie!
25 May

lgbt love: a letter to “first timers”

This letter was originally published via an advice column featured in "Out In America"
11 May

AP: Hawaii passes bill prohibiting gender identity, expression discrimination

A new Hawaii employment law prohibits discrimination on the basis or gender identity or expression.
18 Mar

combating the “corrective rape” ideology

"For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free ..."
09 Feb

documentary: 8 — the mormon proposition

This documentary is essential. It is essential for all activists of all causes to "look, listen, and learn."
07 Feb

read: drag king dreams

This novel is a splash of cold water to the face -- a window into a world with which many of us are unfamiliar and perhaps even unaware of.