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13 Jun

breaking up.

A break up can be a long, lonely road. Especially, if one of the parties involved disagrees with the reasoning for the break-up or wishes to struggle to continue to the relationship.
08 Nov

don’t call me “grandma.”

I will crush your trachea if you call me "grandma."
14 Oct

sometimes, you just gotta laugh a little.

In the recent months, life has been ridiculously random. As I try to navigate all the changing bits and pieces, I realize that sometimes you just gotta laugh a little. As I used to say, “nobody got blew up, and nobody died.”
04 Sep


One of my favorite things about doing drag is deciding what music I am going to perform to, as well as which outfits I’ll be wearing with each song. I’ve done a number of songs and a number of different outfits (some far more...
24 Aug

it’s been a while.

i am so glad to be home. it is amazing how the shortest journey came seem like the longest ever taken at times! i am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, a philosophy that has helped me survive even the most...
09 Dec

Day 5: No Drinking …

I know what you’re thinking … five days is not a long time … but for someone who’s used to waking up and grabbing a glass of wine or a beer, and managing to keep one in their hands all day … five days...