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21 Dec

roses stemmed too short.

roses stemmed too short.
roses stemmed too short. This is the first video recorded piece I’ve posted in YEARS! I was truly and deeply moved by the recent events in Newtown, CT. I spent the week meditating on this incident and trying to...
13 Jun

breaking up.

A break up can be a long, lonely road. Especially, if one of the parties involved disagrees with the reasoning for the break-up or wishes to struggle to continue to the relationship.
25 Feb

poetry: i missed you/good morning.

It can be a Sunday afternoon ...
24 Feb

poetry: not quite peace.

As a child. My imagination painted itself without shame
23 Feb

poetry: words that fit.

They are too young, most of them. mere pawns, pieces in someone else’s puzzle innocent and unaware of the truth of war.
22 Feb

poetry: sometimes we find other things.

I have been seduced ...
21 Feb

poetry: street philosophy.

just a poem i wrote ...