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    I’d like to add to the rhetoric…nnI think the term “pro-life” is imprecise, as most folks who consider themselves as such are really only “pro-birth.” After all, it is simply about ensuring that the fetus develops into a child and is born. After that child is born, fuck ‘em. nnIf they are born into abject poverty they must pull themselves up by their baby bootstraps and defy all the odds against them – because those people, by and large, only want to ensure that the child is born and are the very same people who vote to…nndeny welfare benefits & other social programs, ncut public education,noverturn universal healthcare, nperpetuate the racist penal system – including the death penalty,nkeep LGBTQI people at a second-class status.nnThere is no further consideration as to the ability of the pregnant woman to actually raise the child, or what sort of life into which the child is being born. nnThere is more to life than breath. nn n


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      I can definitely agree with this. As a person who has professed to being personally pro-life, I can definitely say I am concerned with much more than simply making and delivering a baby. I’m in it for the whole kit ‘n kaboodle! ;) nnDuring the summer of ’10, I got into a pro-life/pro-choice argument with a positively horrifying woman who actually admitted that although she was pro-life, she couldn’t possibly adopt a child. She went on to say she couldn’t even imagine bringing a “strange” child into her home … I was mortified and pretty much had to end the conversation right there … nnMaya Angelou taught me a long time ago to have no tolerance for ignorance. nnThanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!


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