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01 Aug

I know the updates have been sporadic lately, but I just had to stop in and share the good news:


After YEARS of wanting to go, trying to go, planning to go, almost going — We have FINALLY managed to actually make it happen!

My partner and I signed a lease on a DREAM apartment right in 6 corners in Bucktown/Wicker Park. We’ve got nearly our entire house packed and ready to go. We have an appointment to pick-up our truck tomorrow, and we’re going to load up throughout the night so we can leave in the morning …

It’s really happening.

No joke.

We’re moving to Chicago …


  1. Oh that’s so awesome!!! YAY! I’ve wanted to visit Chicago for awhile! What will you be doing when you get there? 

    • Unfortunately, I will only get to enjoy the dream apartment for a short while. I am set to deploy to Afghanistan soon. 

      However, my partner will be working as a nurse! She’s currently in the application process for her Illinois Nursing License. She’s got years in the industry, but even with all that experience, Illinois’ system is still an effin’ NIGHTMARE!

      • Oh! So you’re going to the middle east! :[ How long will you be gone?

        I can only imagine! A family friend worked in the medical industry back in WA but when she moved here, she had to go through the entire application process and background check. It takes like a month or something to get through the whole thing! o.O

        • Yeah, the whole process has been absolutely horrifying, really. 

          I am indeed headed on overseas. I’ll be gone for 12 months total. Not so bad. Goes by in the blink of an eye :D

          Before you know it, I’ll be back and blogging with a vengeance! 


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