POLL: One-on-One or Free Love For All?

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07 Jun

For those friends of mine that have known me for a decade or more, they know that jealousy has always been my weak spot. Ever since I was a teen, I’ve always allowed all those deep, dark fears to warp themselves into a solid rock of jealousy.

Oddly enough, within the last year, I’ve been doing TONS of reading on open relationships, intimacy, jealousy, and the such. I’ve spoken with several friends at length pertaining to their experiences with open relationships. It seems almost oxymoronic, but my desire to conquer my jealousy; and my belief via very recent personal experiences that love cannot be contracted and contained have led me to an interesting crossroads.

Not only am I curious about what it means to establish and maintain an open relationship, I am at the point where I suspect I might need to do this — like some sort of next phase of evolution in my life.

What is life if we don’t try new things, right?

However, if I’m going to do this, I have to start by conquering those fears and asking lots of random questions.

I’ll start with this poll:

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  1. Clearly … I’m poly-curious.


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