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22 Feb

I have been
seduced. by the sight of
sky-scrapers that bleed warm city lights, and
highway veins that flow deep with ambitions,
and visions that leave much, yet little
to desire. I
am ensnared —
within the grip of her coffee-cup clutch.
when I close my eyes, I see
her thighs spread wide with trains leaking, sweetly
from between her legs and
I am undone.

She needs me/free
when I come too close she springs,
back — arms ever-reaching to remind
I need not stray too far, either.

As I worshipped her one evening,
prayers aimed at the bottom of a glass of Shiraz —
I confessed. into the ears of a bus driver
who couldn’t care less that
I’d found home.

From corner to corner,
I followed —
and hid the lines of a proposal
that would never fall from my lips —
between each of her steps and mine. if
we are lucky, we will find peace in oblivion together
and, if we are not —
then there will still be oblivion together.

The biggest secret that there ever was —
there is no love.
in this city. Only love and
this city. crafted beneath the lists of all those things we chase
but will never be brave enough to grasp.

fingers outstretched like the exhausted
release of taxis that have seen
one too many nights. and known
one too many morning after.maths

This is an original piece written by “dante.” Copyright 2009. Non-consensual copying, alteration, and/or any other form of usage is completely prohibited.

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