First and foremost, I am a poet. I always have been, and I always will be. If you are interested in reading my poetry, please CLICK HERE. However, if you are interested in reading all the other random things that go on in my imagination, continue below ;-)

The following is an ever-expanding collection of short stories, essays, and other random rantings from the recesses of my imagination.  Enjoy what there is to offer, because goodness knows I enjoyed writing it!

Come back often for updates. I am a writing feign and will likely have new additions monthly.  Currently, I am working on a book (for those who know me, I know I’m always saying that, but I mean it this time), so please be patient with stories that are be posted in series.

Thanks for your love and support!

– dante.

So Blu

The alarm clock seems to echo off the walls in my apartment. I begin to slowly register the sights and sounds around me. My dog nudging the food bowl across the kitchen. The words flying from the morning dj’s mouth. The dark, early morning sky, cold and flat. The cars crawling forward to cubicle farms across the city.

I hate getting up for work.

I absolutely hate my job.

I quit. [READ MORE]




Just Like That

We see one another all the time. Just bump into each other. Just like that.

The first time was at a neighborhood coffee shop. It was cold and rainy, and I was buried face-first in a magazine. Well, not really. I was actually using the magazine to hide the fact that I was reading an erotic novel. When I came up for air, I realized that it was time for a refill.

So, there you were. Guess you needed a refill, too.

Elbow to elbow, I could smell the faint scent of incense coming from your clothing. I looked around the coffee shop; at the posters, the pastries, the sodas – everywhere, but at you. I could feel the heat emanating from your body. I could hear you breathing. [READ MORE]




The Consummate Soldier NEW!

When I arrive home, I turn on the hallway light, and take care to unlace my boots and remove each one. I re-lace them and place each one beside the other; the toes flush with the wall and neatly aligned with the other shoes in the hallway.

We cannot be contained in uniforms or rigid codes of conduct. We cannot be explained in regulations and field manuals. We can only explode beyond the bonds of fear of loss of career. We share everything from canteens to muffled screams. We come home each evening to shed this prison skin in exchange for brief moments of freedom and chaos.

We are the consummate Soldiers. [READ MORE]




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