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01 Jun

How to Tell Real Breasts from Fake

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Some may know, but for those who didn’t, this week is the wedding week. The final showdown, chock full of all the last minute details.

vyzion360 is gettin’ hitched.

The big day is Saturday, then at the ass-crack-o-dawn on Sunday, we fly out for Key West.

Of course, while I am gone, I will try to update as often as possible, however … come on … it’s Key West … it’s my honeymoon … I plan on being very busy.

At any rate, you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been doing lots of new things with the site lately. Check out the Newsbites section for the latest and greatest in current events. Also, check out the Videos section for fun, informative, and musically amazing vids.

‘kay … gotta go meet with the caterers in 10 minutes! :D


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  2. Congrats on getting married!


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