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01 Jun

LOVED this documentary!

The documentary’s main purpose was to demonstrate the negative results of a burgeoning bottled water industry. The film pushes to reveal the unethical methods utilized by large beverage companies such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi Co. to secure local ground water reserves, often without the knowledge and consent of the local citizenry. In addition, the film offers testimonies from several different scientists and watch group officials citing research showing the health affects plastics and plastics production have on the human body.

Take a look at the synopsis:

“Is access to clean drinking water a basic human right, or a commodity that should be bought and sold like any other article of commerce? Stephanie Soechtig’s debut feature is an unflinching examination of the big business of bottled water.

From the producers of Who Killed the Electric Car and I.O.U.S.A., this timely documentary is a behind-the-scenes look into the unregulated and unseen world of an industry that aims to privatize and sell back the one resource that ought never become a commodity: our water.

From the plastic production to the ocean so many of these bottles end up in, this inspiring doc trails the path of the bottled water industry and the communities which were the unwitting chips on the table. A powerful portrait of the lives affected by the bottled water industry, this revelatory doc shows those caught at the intersection of big business and the public’s right to water.” [SOURCE]

The filmmakers behind this project did a great job of presenting a vital issue without slanting toward the sort of frantic, crazed tone that can often accompany discussions related to environmental issues. The facts and figures were presented plainly and rationally, giving room for the viewer to develop their own conclusions. In addition, the film’s main points were supported by interviews from several organizations based across the country, as well as from citizens of the municipalities that were are most heavily affected by this issue.

Unfortunately, I’ve watched a lot of really awesome documentaries in the last month, and I am unable to provide write-ups for them all. However, if you enjoy documentaries as much as I do, and if you are as addicted to your Netflix as I am, take a few minutes to check-out these titles:

Happy viewing!

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