1. Drew-Shane

    Someone presented him to class the other night. We had to do a presentation on one of our favorite artists. I might have to search this on Netflix to learn some more. I see you’re into art, from what I grasp so far in only knowing you for a little time.


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      Hey, thanks for stopping by! I do love art, especially people who paint. I am just fascinated by the artistic process — the way in which an image in someone’s mind becomes transposed onto a medium … nothing captivates me more. nnIt’s the same with musicians, too!? Oh my, what person isn’t fascinated with musicians, right?


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    Nice blog… Dope post… Keep on… Oh yeah… And you gotta ask Rae about the concept of DWNTN ’81… Peace & power…nnKen “MyGodComPlex” Williamsnhttp://soundcloud.com/mygodcomplex


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