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08 Jun

“Catholic Charities in the Illinois dioceses of Springfield, Peoria and Joliet are seeking an emergency injunction that would protect religious agencies from legal action if they turn away couples in civil unions as foster parents.

In a complaint filed Tuesday in Sangamon County Circuit Court, the three Catholic Charities agencies asked a judge for a temporary restraining order and injunction that would prevent the Illinois attorney general and state Department of Children and Family Services from enforcing new anti-discrimination policies that accommodate civil unions, which went into effect last week. [...]

“Not a single prospective foster parent is being denied the right to apply by not having Catholic Charities work with them,” said lawyer Peter Breen, executive director of the Thomas More Society representing Catholic Charities.” [SOURCE]

Between the Catholic church’s strident attempts to convince us all that homosexuality is a sure-fire way to eternal damnation; and its involvement in the launch of the controversial “non-profit,” National Organization for Marriage, everyone in the world has pretty much gotten then memo:

[MOST] Catholics are not fans of the gays.

Remember last year when Washington D.C. passed its marriage equality law?

Catholic Charities pulled this card then, too. And also in San Francisco and in Massachusetts.

In Washington D.C., they completely ceased their adoption and foster care programs, citing that government officials had “left them no choice.”

“… the City Council for the District of Columbia has decided to enact legislation forbidding discrimination against those in gay marriages. This legislation would not force churches to perform gay marriages or to change their moral doctrines, but it would require any organization with a contract with the District to provide medical benefits to a gay partner just like it provides them to the heterosexual partner in a marriage. It would also require adoption agencies to sponsor children to gay couples if the agency is under contract with the city.

The archdiocese says that it cannot do this because of its moral opposition to gay marriage. This is not new. The Archdiocese to San Francisco had the same fight with its city council, and the adoption programs of Catholic Charities in Massachusetts were shut down because the state legislature insisted that they sponsor adoptions to gay couples while the bishops insisted they would not.

It should be clear from this review of the facts that the church is not threatening to withdraw its money from the poor. It is simply pointing out that it cannot observe these new requirements and therefore the city will cancel its contracts. It is in fact the city council that is closing down these programs, not the archdiocese.

Not surprisingly, the members of the city council are much better at spinning this story with the media than is the archdiocese. The Catholic Church’s PR skills are dismal. Perhaps it was caught by surprise by the vehemence of the attack. The dispute is being portrayed as the Catholic Church versus gay rights even though everyone knows that Black ministers in Washington are also opposed to this legislation. [SOURCE]

Let’s face it, the Catholic Church is like an international Mississippi/Arkansas/Texas demon-child, and apparently suffering from amnesia.

When it comes to propaganda, past and present history tells us the Catholic Church takes the cake. Hell, what other organization do you know of that’s still surviving millions strong in spite of 2000+ years of propagating some of the most extreme messages regarding women, minorities, and religions the world has ever known? They got out of the child molestation scandals with barely a scratch! If those charges had been against Mormons or Muslims, churches everywhere would’ve been bombed and raided by now.

Long after the rest of the world has hung in the towel and recognized the human right to unions, families, and happiness regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity — the Catholic Church will still be reserving a special place in hell just for the homos.



Does hell have a shuttle bus? Does it need a driver? *lighting my cigarette and reaching into my cargo pocket for my flask*


  1. Sorry for throwing my Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi peeps under the bus in this one … but … well … your states are known for being damned-near irrationally conservative … jus’ sayin’ …

  2. great post Dante. I’ll be retweeting and sharing on Facebook.

    Jamez Ronald Prudlick
    • Thanks for the support, Jamez! I really appreciate it. I feel bad when I have to post things like this because I don’t want to offend, but at the same time when I see articles such as this I have to stop and call “bullshit,” you know? 

      I mean, is it really more logical to keep children from happy, healthy homes just because the parents are of the same gender!?


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