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07 Jan

spoken word: the truth without photoshop

spoken word: the truth without photoshop This week’s featured piece is entitled, “The Truth Without Photoshop.” The ugly truth for me … is that I’ve been battling substance abuse for four years. And today, I’ve decided to take this...
21 Dec

roses stemmed too short.

roses stemmed too short.
roses stemmed too short. This is the first video recorded piece I’ve posted in YEARS! I was truly and deeply moved by the recent events in Newtown, CT. I spent the week meditating on this incident and trying to...
16 Jun

throwback thursdays: tupac shakur

You know I had to give some #throwbackthursday love to Tupac Shakur!
16 Feb

how you like your eggs?

Big thanks to @MercifulWisdom for putting me on this one! *lmao*
10 Feb

throwback thursdays: j.j. fad

Does anyone else hear the rhythm to Fergie's little rap bit in Fergalicious!?
03 Feb

throwback thursdays: mc lyte

Lyte as a rock!
27 Jan

throwback thursdays: eric b. and rakim

eric b. and rakim -- paid in full
20 Jan

throwback thursdays: de la soul

13 Jan

throwback thursdays: the pharcyde

This week Throwback Thursdays features one of my favorite jams from classic hip-hop gurus, The Pharcyde!
06 Jan

throwback thursdays: snoop dogg

To deny what Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre brought to the hip-hop table would be sacrilege.