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26 Apr

Before beginning this post, I must make a rather blunt statement regarding the perspective from which I am writing it: I despise politicians. I despise big government. I loathe bureaucracy. That is all.

To all my elephants and all my donkeys:

Let’s start off with being honest with one another about the “issues”:

Social Responsibility
The concept of social responsibility is not dying — it’s dead.

And fat-fingered, money-hungry politicians (yes, that’s you); along with lazy, self-serving, entitled citizens (that’s us) on both sides of the fence are at fault.

By systematically stripping the states, and thus the local communities that comprise their cultural fabrics, of decision-making power; you have created a hierarchal, bureaucratic, impotent and disconnected decision-making “class” of politicians. Most of these so-called representatives are doomed to become increasingly removed from the very communities and constituents they are sworn to serve; as the body politic refuses to establish term limits on itself, and the populace is too distracted and unmotivated to force it to do so.

Re-visiting and re-inforcing the concept of states’ rights would solve most, if not all, of our country’s most deeply-rooted problems.

For example …

Abortion is a personal, individual decision. Period.

The decision to have an abortion is no different than a person’s decision to be cremated, to forego chemotherapy, to donate organs, or to refuse life support.

Either way you slice the pie, government attempts to dictate whether or not a woman wishes to terminate her pregnancy are an abuse of government power. You know it, and I know it. The only reason either side of the fence conveniently continues to stoke the embers on this already-settled debate is to incite the fervor of the populace.

As citizens of this fine country, we most certainly have the right to agree or disagree with abortion procedures for a litany of reasons; and we most certainly have the right to petition to disallow them within our own communities. However, we do not have the right, nor does the government have the right, to force the will of one group or another on the whole of the populace.

If the fine people in the great state of Texas want to disallow abortions, but the fine folks in the “show me” state wish to continue to allow them: so-be-it.

A vote is a vote for a reason.

Republicans utilize fear-mongering tactics amongst religious conservatives by creating the illusion that every abortion that happens within our borders disintegrates our moral fabric; thus setting our country up for its own downfall by the hand of God. Republicans further capitalize upon this fear in order to encourage its constituents to dismiss any perspective generated by the Democratic party as a godless attempt to destroy morality. Democrats manipulate the religious conservative perspective to foster a demonized view of the Republican party in order to create a situation in which any ideal generated by the Republicans is immediately dismissed as Bible-thumping, hate-mongering jargon.

Neither tactic is productive insomuch as it only serves to further strengthen the divide of our country along ideological party lines, thus preventing the people from being able to come together to find workable, voluntary solutions for their community’s problems. Then again, perhaps this “divide and conquer” technique works to serve the parties’ ends. If we’re all too angry and ignorant to truly listen to one another, this just allows the people up top more room to do what the hell they want to do, while all of us dumb peons duke it out in the trenches.

And, contrary to popular belief, there is no large hand in the sky awaiting the most opportune moment to “layeth the smacketh down.”

Marriage Equality
I’ve discussed my views on the inefficacy of our government’s involvement in something as intimate, spiritual, and personal as marriage in a previous post entitled, “marriage equality: a different approach.”.

My views haven’t changed.

The government has no right to grant or deny marriage rights to any one group of people.

Marriage is a sacred and spiritual covenant between two people. It is the right of those involved to define that bond according to their own personal and spiritual beliefs.

The only role of government in the establishment of a marriage covenant is the same as its role in the establishment of any other agreement between to people: to provide the legal framework for protections against abuse, fraud, and human rights violations such as selling your wife into slavery.

In the spirit of separation of church and state; by the power of our Constitution, which protects our right to the pursuit of happiness; and with the spirit of the Declaration of Human Rights in mind, any Government elected by the people, for the people, and of the people has no right to dictate the nature of relationships between the people.

Gun Control
“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
– Thomas Jefferson

I’ve hit this nail on the head before in earlier posts as well. To see some details on my perspective, see my post entitled, “redirect the rhetoric.”. Also, check out my post, “no background check, no gun.” for my perspective on ID checks for gun purchases.

Bottom line: the Constitution grants and protects the people’s right to bear arms for a reason, and one of the chief reasons among many is to allow the people a means to protect themselves against a potentially dictatorial, corrupt government.

Unfortunately, the majority of people have come to take the personal freedoms our ancestors fought and died for, for granted. Thus, the idea of freedom as something to watchfully protect and maintain, as well as always be prepared to defend is the furthest thing from our minds. The average American citizen just accepts freedom as something we’re entitled to, but not responsible for protecting.

Unless we’re talking nuclear weapons, biological weapons, or other weapons of mass destruction; gun control is not a federal issue. It’s up to the states, and the communities that comprise them, to define the processes by which weapons may be purchased.

That being said, I do believe the federal government is responsible for establishing the framework within which abuses of state-based processes may be investigated and prosecuted. However, exactly what this framework should look like is something that should be decided by representatives of the people. For example, what would be the process of repeal be should one state decide that every newborn baby be equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun?

Furthermore, what could arguably be seen as a federal issue is the illegal smuggling of weapons across our country’s borders, the construction of weapons of mass destruction such as home-made explosives (HME), or the amassing of weapons in caches for purposes unknown.

Then again, we can argue that the process of enforcing, investigating, and protecting the citizens always falls back on the state.

I don’t claim that my ideas or perspectives are the best. As I travel, live, and learn continuously I am always developing my perspectives. However, my challenge to the average American citizen is one of self-education and initiztive. Wake up, people. It’s time to start reading between the lines, filling in the blanks, and holding our legislatures accountable for their decisions. We hold the power, yet we’re so quick to relinquish that power to some distant office somewhere.

It’s not our elected officials that will fix everything. It’s not our government that will fix everything. It’s us. It’s you. It’s me. It’s the average American with an idea on how to make their community cleaner, smarter, healthier, and safer.

This power we have. THIS is what I, and thousands of other Soldiers, are really sworn to protect. It’s not about the big, bad boodie man they make us believe exists in some other country. It’s about the American people’s ability to stand up, shout out, and fight back against a government that is increasingly inept and out of touch.

STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK FOR “an open letter to the body politic (part two).


  1. (the content of the comment is
    directed towards individual abortions based on a person’s convenience, not
    health issues meaning the possibility of death, or rape)

    I find your comments on abortion extremely
    disturbing. You compared the choice between an abortion to a cremation and organ
    donation. You demonstrate an unequal comparison between a person making a
    decision that has direct consequences on a separate developing human being
    which has no ability to voice his or her rights, to a decision that effects only
    that individual person life. The Sexual Revolution  changed our societies views as well as sexual
    practices. With these newly developed rights come an enhanced responsibility.
    You want to spread your legs without protection, fine, your life, but the
    minute you decide to abuse your rights is the minute your power to make future
    decisions based upon the previous is gone. When did accountability evade our
    culture? We are all accountable for our decisions! You want to make an apples
    to apples comparison, try murder. The minute you take another’s life is the
    minute your freedoms are gone. Is that not justice? So the next question that
    comes up naturally is when is this baby alive? I write murder but murder
    involves killing another living human. So is our distinction based upon
    breathing? Or is it pain? Coherent? Able to contribute to society?  If that baby can feel its limbs being pulled
    apart, then is it wrong? Most medical studies have found that a fetus’ anterior
    cingulate, which is a part of the cerebral cortex that registers pain, is fully
    functional between 10-26 weeks (the evidence is currently limited). In 2010,
    Nebraska banned abortion based on fetal pain after 20 weeks. Eight other states
    have passed laws that include information about fetal pain into state-appointed
    abortion documents. Do you know what the proponents for pro-choice want to do
    with this new information? They want to offer anesthesia to the mother to
    reassure her that the baby won’t feel anything as you pull its body apart. I
    think now is a great time to start discussing corrupt fat fingers in business,
    regardless of how horrid it is. Have you ever read any of the medical
    procedures that are done? Why don’t you google suction aspiration, dilation and
    curettage, dilation and evacuation. Even better, become an expert before you
    start advocating for something you know little about besides what looks good on
    paper, watch one. They are online. Watch as the use a vacuum to suck out tissue
    like a wet vac sucking up water from a flooded basement full of drywall.  

    So if your point is general, that
    government should have a say in any personal 
    decisions then why not go a level that you are so keen at acquiring, the
    extreme. Why not kill newborns? They serve no civil purpose the general public,
    not yet? If parents don’t want their newborns, it’s their personal decision
    right? They are just a burden on society and it’s my child out of my body, my
    decision. Oh wait, this isn’t right, why? Because they can feel pain, are cognitive,
    breathe air? Where’s the line Brooke? Only when the “problem” (which is
    ironically from my own free will choice) is inside my body?

    I sometimes wonder why people
    think that the destruction of time-standing morals need so desperately to be
    destroyed. I believe it stems from a constant need to feel that no one has the right
    to dictate our lives, for what do our parents do throughout our youth? Then
    again, when do we ever feel like we are grown up?

    “dante.”, when is it ok to make a
    decision to kill another living human being?

    • Okay, first things first, I attempted to edit your comment to replace the usage of my real name with my pseudonym.   Please refrain from utilizing my real name, as I try to ensure that in no way my personal life/opinions are leaked into my military/professional life. 

      Now, onto the business of discussion!

      - I urge you to please go back and re-read my perspective on abortion.  At no time did I ever speak on whether or not abortion is “right” or “wrong,” although I can see how my comparisons may have led you to misunderstand my position.  The point of me utilizing those comparisons is due to the fact that those are all controversial decisions, that affect more than one person (think of that person’s family and community), and can be viewed differently based upon a person’s personal faith. 

      Also, I think you may have overlooked some key lines in my concluding statement.  At no time did I ever profess to be a medical professional/expert.  I do not have a nursing degree, nor have I ever conducted or undergone an abortion procedure.  In addition, I have, in fact, seen abortion procedure clips and I agree, they are absolutely horrifying.  The perspectives stated within this post are merely ideas and perspectives that are always changing as I continue to learn and grow. 

      - If you’ve ever read any of my past posts on abortion, I’ve always explicitly stated my personal opinion that abortion is wrong.  I have never had one, nor would I ever.  Ever since I first became sexually active (even though my first experience was unwilling), I identified as a supporter of adoption (or just plain old toughing it out), as opposed to abortion.  If my mother could do it, so could I.  

      That being said, that is my personal opinion, and I disagree with pushing my moral judgements onto another human being.  You know what I think the difference between murder and abortion is — one is the destruction of an independent entity, the other is the destruction of a co-dependent entity.  The discomfort pertaining to abortion is actually very closely in-line with the discomfort pertaining to discontinuing life support.  

      Without digressing too badly, the main purpose of my argument is to cite that abortion (along with so many other social platforms) is not a federal issue, but rather an issue to be resolved by individual communities.  Largely, what I am advocating for is re-empowering the state to handle the issues that are important to its community members. 

      - At no point in time did I speak on the exoneration of responsibility or accountability on behalf of the individual.  I personally believe abortions to be terrible experiences for the person/people involved.  Honestly, I think it has a way of haunting an individual for the rest of their lives.  That in itself is enough punishment for me, however as for further moral punishments, I do not pretend to know the intent of any higher power.  Morality is an individual struggle. 

      - Pertaining to your question regarding when a fetus is officially alive, I do not profess to know the secrets of life and/or the soul.  In my opinion, no one does; so this is really a moot point of discussion for both sides of the house.  Some will say at the moment of insemination (but no one knows life’s secrets), and some will have an opinion laden with scientific jargon (but science can’t explain everything).  Me?  I believe life is a cycle, and present in all beings in some form or another at all stages of growth and development from the beginning of creation all the way until the body turns to dirt again (and even dirt is still teeming with life).  

      Hopefully, I’ve addressed all of your concerns.  The way I see it, you and I don’t disagree on whether or not abortion is wrong.  Sounds like we disagree on whether or not it is a federal issue.  And, well … I can understand why you think it might be.  However, when I look at our federal government, all pimped out in several layers of bureaucracy … I’d really like it to slim the hell down, get the hell out of the way, and put the power back in the hands of the people (whom I believe have unwittingly relinquished horrifying amounts of it throughout our country’s history) …

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